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Lundby Dolls House - Stockholm


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This amazing house has a large roof terrace for wonderful barbecue evenings and a pull-out drawer with a mosaic-patterned pool for lazy days in the sunshine. A real summerhouse! This house comes with an open plan layout and plenty of space for play.

All rooms are prewired for lighting and can be powered by the Lundby power supply. There are several accessories providing light in this doll´s house – putting the lights on for the dolls in their little house is a very special feeling.

    NOTE: The pool can be filled with water but as the downstairs floors are papered we recommend the dolls remain out of the house until they are dry to avoid damage to the floors.

    Scale: 1:18

    Age: 3 +

    Product: 47.5 cm x 65.5 cm x 10.9 cm