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Lundby Dolls House - Life Doll's House


The Lundby Life doll’s house has everything you could possibly need to create your very own fantasy world! This fun doll’s house comes with an open plan solution, beautiful wallpapers from Sandberg Wallpaper and doors painted in a variety of bright colours.

Arrange things just the way you like them with stairs, lights and all the other fun accessories available for Lundby.

This cosy little house is even more special when you light it up with the battery-operated LED lights!

Who lives in your house? And what do they like doing? You can remove the back walls of the Lundby Life doll’s house and play from both sides. You can turn round the back walls in the two ground floor rooms, which gives you a beautiful feature wall in the rooms on the ground floor.

You can also extend your house easily using the Lundby Room doll’s house modules and make space for your entire doll family.

This new doll's house includes:

One sticker sheet to add your personal touches to your very own Lundby Creative Doll's House;

The back wall can be turned around so that you can change the mood of the doll's house; and

The back walls upstairs can be removed for open plan play and easy access from both sides!!

Furniture accessories and dolls are sold separately.

Age 3 +

House Size: 70 wide x 25 deep x 39 cm high