How do I decide between buying a Lundby Småland or a Lundby Stockholm dolls' house this Christmas?

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Lundby Australia offers two quite different styles of dolls’ house, and it can be confusing to decide which one best suits you (or makes the perfect gift for a small person in your life).

Here are some pointers to help you decide between the two dolls’ house styles this Christmas:

Lundby Småland Dollhouse (RRP from $179.95)

The Småland dolls’ house had a long history: it’s based on the original Lundby Gothenburg design, first produced in 1947. So if you’re looking for a dolls’ house with a more traditional heritage, the Småland would be a good choice. It would also be a wonderful cross-generational gift if older generations in the family had a Lundby dolls’ house as a child.

The Lundby Småland house can be extended, either as part of the initial purchase, or over several birthdays and Christmases. Add an extension level (60.1015, RRP $93.95) for two extra rooms. Or several levels for a large family!

New this year is the option to install remote-control led lighting, so you can choose which room to light up.

For more Lundby fun, there’s a Småland garden (60.1016, RRP $74.50), which includes a large patio area, rockery-style edging, a picket fence with gate that opens, a road with pedestrian crossing and two flower boxes.

If you’re buying for a younger child, I recommend the Lundby Småland, as can grow with the child as extensions are added over the years.

Lundby Stockholm Dollhouse (60.9032, RRP $199.95)

The Lundby Stockholm dolls’ house is a self-contained unit, with four levels to play with: a slide-out patio with a pool, the ground floor with living room and bathroom, a bedroom and sundeck on the first floor and an entertaining deck on the roof.

It’s a great choice if you’re looking for a modern dolls’ house and it fits well into a more mature décor. (I know someone who has her Lundby Stockholm displayed on the hall table, and uses it as a lamp: always a talking point with visitors!), and is a better option if space is tight, as it has a more compact footprint.

Lundby furniture fits both Småland and Stockholm
Whichever Lundby dolls’ house you choose this Christmas, remember that all Lundby dolls’ house furniture fits in either house. So you might decide that your Stockholm roof deck would look fantastic with the Småland Garden Furniture Set, (60.3044, RRP $24.95) on it. Or that your Småland garden needs a Stockholm sunbeds and a sun umbrella (60.9025, RRP $49.50).

Don’t forget the Christmas decorations!
Once again, Lundby Australia gives you a good choice:

Småland Christmas Fireplace Set (60.3048, RRP $41.95)

Småland Christmas Tree Set (60.6045, RRP $49.95)

Småland Gingerbread House Set (60.5088, RRP $41.50)

About Anna-Maria
Anna-Maria Sviatko lives in Canberra, Australia’s national capital. She has been a creator and collector of modern miniatures from a young age, where she became entranced by the tradition of using dolls houses to document contemporary ways of life. In 2003 she bought a vintage Lundby dolls house, which started her collection of mid-century modern commercial dolls houses. Her miniature work has been published and exhibited internationally. Anna-Maria writes The Shopping Sherpa blog.

Last update: Dec 05, 2015

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