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In 1947, Danish couple, Axel and Grete Thomsen set up home in Gothenburg and created the Gothenburg Lundby Dolls House. They were also the pioneers of the child‐safe 4.5-volt lighting system still used today (this is updated every couple of years to ensure it meets with Australian and NZ safety standards). Today Lundby Dolls Houses are made from a robust plastic that does not contain environmentally detrimental softeners or other undesirable substances. Plastic has been chosen in order for the lighting system to be safely incorporated within the frame of the Dolls House. Both Stockholm and Smaland are fitted with Lundby's unique 4.5-volt child-safe lighting system.

How do I light up my dolls house?
The Lundby dolls houses are fitted with the Lundby 4.5 volt child‐safe lighting system. So you just need to purchase the transformer and plug it in. Lundby lights are also sold separately.

When do you need the transformer plug?
When you want the lighting to work.

Is the lighting safe for my child?
Yes, the transformer plug meets both current Australian and New Zealand standards. Lundby has been manufacturing dolls houses since 1947 and pioneered lighting for dolls houses. The 4.5 voltage is unique to the Lundby system and cannot be used with other lighting systems.

When do you need the Electric Mix?
When you want to light up or power more of your furniture pieces (e.g. aquarium, kitchen set) or need to replace light bulbs after a few years you need a Lundby Electric Mix. The pack includes power boards so you have more power sockets and light bulbs as well as a spare connection cord for the extension level.

How many lights can the Lundby Dolls House take?
Up to 30 lights.

What happens if a wire comes out of a plug socket?
Easily fixed. Using pliers, pull the pin out of the plug and re‐thread the wire through the hole where the pin was and then re‐insert the pin. Good as new!

How many dolls are there in the Lundby family?
There are four family sets of four people – For Stockholm the summer family and Sporty family. For Smaland, the summer and winter family sets. Lundby also portrays three generations of family so there are also grandparents and babies. And don’t forget the fur babies as well!

What scale is the Lundby range?

Can the Stockholm Dolls House Pool be filled with water?
Yes it can and then just pull out the drawer to empty it. But remember, keep the dolls outside to play until they’re dry so you don’t ruin the paper inside. Do not put water in any area except the pool.

What makes my Lundby house a home?
Just like any home, the addition of accessories and rugs really adds that homely touch and attention to detail which means that your child will continue to play with their house for many years

How does the new BluetoothTM  Stereo work?
Simply ensure your Bluetooth is switched on your mobile phone, tablet or IPad to sync up the devices, look for Micki and then you can listen to your favourite play lists through your Smaland or Stockholm dolls house!

What can you tell me about the Paintings
The paintings in the Lundby Stockholm Doll’s House were commissioned from the contemporary Swedish artist Lisa Rinnevuo. This painting is called “Princess” and around the picture Lisa has written. “When I grow up I’m going to be a Princess and live in a cool pink castle and eat lots of chocolate pudding until I’m sick.” Bambi which features in the Stockholm sitting room set says, “Once upon a sweet dayy your day dream will come true ... “

Can I renovate and decorate my dollhouse?
Yes! People all over the world are personalising their dollhouses by painting, papering, adding unique items and even renovating the whole structure. Search Pinterest and Instagram and your will see loads of decorated dollhouses and some people can’t stop at one. Checkout Instagram @littlefishcreationsaus @mostlyminiature @annikalundber83 @lundbydollshouse and of course visit for ideas.

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