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Lundby is the world's oldest manufactured doll's houses dating back to 1945 and the most contemporary when it comes to look.

Lundby was founded by Danish couple Axel and Grete Thomsen when they moved to Gothenburg, Sweden. Hence the house being called the Gothenburg house.

They pioneered the doll's house's fitted electrical lighting system which can be found in every Lundby house.

The result of these endeavours makes Lundby one of the strongest doll's house brands on the market worldwide.

The beauty of Lundby is that new ranges of furniture and accessories are constantly being developed to keep the Sweet Lundby Home stylish and contemporary.

The current range includes the Smaland Doll's House whose origin began as the Gothenburg House and bears the same shape but now more contemporary look. Then there's the architect-designed Stockholm Doll's House with pull-out pool..

The Lundby 2015 Catalogue has loads of new items and tips for decorating and renovating your Lundby house!

To find out more about Lundby browse our website or contact us on +61 2 9986 3456 or email for a catalogue.


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